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Almonds are members of the Rosaceae (rose) family like many other  fruits such as peaches, apples, pears, plums, cherries, and apricots .The almond is a native of the Mediterranean climate region of  Middle East . It requires mild winter and long hot summer. Almond Trees were domesticated at least in 3000 BC .Almond was brought by the Spanish settler at California in 1700s .Today California is the world leader in almond production and covers  42% of the world market.

Almond plants are as hardy as peach trees but they blossoms a month earlier than peach. So they are susceptible to spring frost in cold area. Almonds need fertile deep loam soil to grow .Regular watering and fertilization is necesay for growth of trees .

Plant Care
 I irrigate all my fruit- trees every 7-14 days during growing season .During winter months water them every 4-6 weeks.

We have 3-5 inch thick layer of partially composed mulch around the tree drip line .The (drip line refers to the imaginary line on the soil that corresponds to the outward edge of the branches and leaves )which provides all the nutrients needed for healthy growth of the tree.

Medicinal properties  of Almond

Almond has very high concentration of antioxidant flovoniods it helps in lowering the bad cholesterol .
Eating few Almonds a day may help in reducing the risk of cancer.
Chewing few Almonds a day may reduce Heart burn.
It contain copper in organic form  which may help in certain type of  Anemia from Copper deficiency.