Ambarella, Spondias cytherea

        The ambarella, Spondias cytherea, is a fast-growing medium size tree and is a native  of Polynesia.
This large spreading tree can reach height of forty to fifty feet with a width of equal size. It has long, pinnately-compound leaves which can be twelve to thirty inches long. The tree looses its leaves for a brief period during the winter months that are the months of January and February.

The Ambarella tree in this picture was planted a few months ago on the south side of house. These trees are cold sensitive when small they should be protected from serious frost or freeze. Even large trees will have some  frost damage at 30' F tempreture .

Plant care         Protection  from frost and provision of afternoon shade in summer especially when the plants are young is very important . It should be  planted close to other tropical plants. I plnted  it by the side of other tropical plants , my  plan  is  to have sun protection for first  few years until it gets shade from other trees and create a micro climate .
A thick layer of partially  compost mulch covers the soil around the tree.  Water them deeply and  slowly every week from spring to fall. During the hottest days of summer water them  more frequently. In winter, it is to be  irrigated every 2-3 weeks. I don't recommend using chemical fertilizer for first few years.

Medicinal Uses of Ambarella
In Combodia Astringent bark is   used as a remedy for diarrhea.