Annona squamosa/Atemoya
     Both Annona and Atemoya are natives of South America.They grow widely in Tropical and Subtropical areas all over the world. They are fairly fast growing trees .At some places they are called suger apple .
           Sugar apple trees are best adapted to warm and humid  and  frost-free climates. Unprotected young trees are severely damaged or killed at temperatures of 30 F. Trees growing in warmer, humid areas tend to bear fruit quite well. Low humidity during flowering season may lead to reduce the fruit bearing.

Photo above are of Annona and Atemoya trees. They were planted about 1 ½ years ago.  last year they bore no fruits. Now the trees  are strong enough and have bigger size flowers this season .

Atemoya is a hybrid of Annona and cherimoya. Atemoyas are small-to-medium-size trees and grow upto twenty-five to thirty feet at maturity with about the same spread. Flowers are produced along with new growth in the spring following a winter dormancy period.



Plant Care
 Frost protection and afternoon shade in summer is important for these trees.
Deep watering and good drainage is also needed .

I am  unaware of many mature fruit producing atemoya /annona trees in phoenix area.