The name 'Avocado' is derived from the Aztec name ahuacacuauhitl meaning testicle tree .Avocado is an evergreen and  fast growing tree. It is native of Mexico,South and Central America .

                Grafted plants normally produce fruits within one to two years after planting whereas the plants produced by seeds take  8 - 20 years . It needs humidity during flowering season for fruit set. Avocado trees like loose, decomposed loam soil .They will not survive in poor drainage system .
            Photo shown above is a Mexicola Avacado planted few months back(2010).
     Its progress seems satisfactory .
Plant care

Provide protection in winter and afternoon shade in summer especially when the plants are young .I planted  them close to other tropical plants to have sun protection for few years until they get shade from other trees and create their own Micro Climate.

     It has a thick layer of compost mulch around the drip line.
Water deeply once a  week from spring to fall. During the hot summer days  water them more frequently and in winter irrigate them after every 2-3 weeks.
Do not use chemical fertilizer for first few years.