Bamboo is a woody stemmed perennial grass.It needs little care                   when established.World wide there are appoximately
87 genra and 1500 bamboo species   .                                                  Bamboos are charactrized as clumping or running .                                                                                                                            Running Bamboo  produces
long vigorous underground rhizomes that can invade adjusting area    especially if it is irrigated .
Bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant in the world, can grow more than 24" a day.Most bamboo flower every 50-120 years.Bamboo mass flowering is one of the strangest and most fascinating phenomena .All the Bamboo plants of same stock blossoms at the  same time and consequently all groves die at same time regardless of their location .

      In the Picture shown above are 3 different type of bamboos. They are planted 20 months ago(2008). Buddha belly and Giant Timber are clumping type and can grow more than 20-30 feet high.They are planted in full sun.

    Golden Bamboo is running type and do better with afternoon shade.

     Once established they are drought tolerant and need little care.

I like bamboo plants as it create a visual appeal and keeps the area cool and gives tropicallook .

Plant care
     There is no special care needed. Bamboo plants can take the Phoenix hot sun very well. In addition it tolerates frost very well .

Plant is drought tolerant. It requires to be watered regularly during summer months.  I irrigate them on every 7th or  14th day during growing season and after  every 4th or 6th week during the winter.

We have 3 to 5 inch thick layer of partially compost mulch around the tree drip line. Because it is vigorous growing plant, it needs regular fertilizer during the summer months.

Bamboo plant uses
Buddist temple often surrounded by bamboo groves as it create mysterious and peaceful environment .Shoots are use in many Asian cuisine.China makes beer from bamboo.There are some medical applications of bamboo in folk medicine to treat infections and respiratory diseases.                                                                                                Because of it strength and flexibility it is extensively used as building material for centuries.Japan’s Shinto religion makes use of bamboo as a sacred object.