The banana is one of the most ancient food plants and have been cultivated at the dawn of recorded history.Banana is grown throughout the tropical world.The greatest production is in the countries of tropical America.The industry set  up there supplies it  to United States ,Canada and Europe.
  There are hundred of varieties of banana. They do better in hot, humid and frost free environment .You can grow banana with proper care ie protection from frost and proper sun exposure .Usually looses leaves in winter.Do not water in winter months.

 The banana tree shown in the picture
        Truly Tiny is only 1-1.5' tall. . It produces small, 4-5"  sweet fruits.

            The Picture of banana plant may be seen here . It is about six month old and located on southeast side of the  my house. This place is suitable for growing banana trees.

Plant care

     Provide protection in winter and afternoon shade in summer especially when the plants are young.  I planted the banana trees close to other tropical plants. My goal is to provide  protection for few years until it gets shade from other trees and create its own Micro Climate.

IT has  a thick layer of compost mulch around the drip line. I water them deeply every week from spring to fall. During the hottest days of summer  water them more frequently. Make sure not to water too much in  winter as it causes roots  to rot .
Medicinal uses

Banana is very high in potassium ,which help in lowering the blood pressure,
Banana is high in fiber and help in regulating the bowel habit and constipation,
Banana have soothing effect on gastrointestinal lining and work as natural antacid,
Some authorities claim that it help in mood disorder , depression and weight disorder.