Cherry (Tropical)

Surinam black cherry

 Black Surinam Cherryis a rare fruit and is a sweetest one. It is  grafted . . Reliable producer of very tasty fruit .

Shown here is Surinam cherry plant. The fruit is black in color when ripe.

I Planted  it less than two years ago , had flower last year but no fruits .This year have few small fruits. Needs frost protection when plant is young. Mature plants are more  hardy and can tolerate temp in mid 20s. Needs afternoon shade to have good growth.
Plant care

Provide protection in winter and afternoon shade in summer especially when the plants are young. I planted it  close to other tropical plants to have sun protection by  getting shade from other trees and  create its own Micro Climate

It has a thick layer of compost mulch.  Water deeply for few hours every week from spring to fall. During the hottest days of summer it needs watering  more frequently.
Medicinal uses
The flowers are use as antiseptic , antispasmodic and to treat  symptoms of a cold..Fruit  and juice are use in treatment of diarrhea ,dysentery and sore  throat.