The citrus trees are Probably originated from southern Asia .Though citrus trees are  grown in tropical and subtropical regions throughout the world the leading producer is united states Citrus trees are evergreen shrubs; retaining the majority of their leaves year-round .Citrus is the best fruit to grow in the valley . There were many orchard in the valley not long ago.. .With little care you can have fruits every year.
Citrus will grow in most soils from sandy to clay, provided it drains well Can tolerate usual frost in winter in our lower desert.

Kumquats are slow growing. The Nagami can grow to 8 feet tall if desired. Fruit has tender, sweet and tart flavor. Photo on right is Nagami Kumquat planted last winter(2009) in full sun.


Red Ruby
Red Ruby grape fruit was planted last winter (2009) and have few fruits this year


was planted in 2008 and have few fruits this year


FAIRCHILD  ,Kinow and Fairchild were planted last winter (2009)

Orange and lemon trees were planted before we moved into our house in  2005 ,Both are fruiting ..
It is generally agreed that sweet orange is originated in China ,although it is rarely cultivated in China Oranges .are one of the few fruits that will not over ripen if left on the tree!



Plant Care
It is important to water citrus tree properly .Often in home landscape  citrus trees receive very little water and  some time too much  water from lawn sprinkler.
citrus trees do best when they are flooded  with water then allowed to dry out before re-watering.