The Date may have been the first tree to be  cultivated and some regard it as most important of all trees.Its history may go back to 7000 BC.Dates trees were regarded as tree of life.  Israeli scientists have succeeded in germinating a date seed nearly 2,000 years old.

The date palm needs full sun. It cannot live in the shade. It will grow in  warm dry climates. Commercial fruit production is possible only where there is a long, hot dry growing season. There were few commercial orchard in phoenix  before the population burst  now  nearly all date palm grown here are for ornamental purposes . The date palm  can tolerate long periods of drought though, for heavy bearing, it has a high water requirement.

Dates palm can tolerate our weather well.It is dioecious  needs both male and female plant for pollination.

The date thrives in sand, sandy loam, clay and other heavy soils. It needs good drainage and aeration. It is remarkably tolerant of alkalinity.
Plant care
Date palm grow well in desert .No frost protection is needed. Tolerate our summer very well .
Plant is drought tolerant.To get good fruit crop it need to water regularly in summer months
As with all my fruits trees I irrigate them 7-14 days during growing season.During winter every 4-6 week.
We have 3-5 inch thick layer partially compost mulch around the tree ..
It need regular fertilizer during summer month.
Photo on right  is a  female dates palm from cutting .They were planted about a  year ago(2009).



Medicinal Uses
 In  folk medicine of native country, gum  from the wounded trunk is use in  treating diarrhea and genito-urinary diseases 
Fruits are good source of potassium and copper .It is full of energy and employed in traditional medicine to treat sore throat ,bronchitis and as a remedy to treat fever.
The roots are  used for treating   toothache.