Black Mission and Kadota

Adam and Eve have their first clothes from leaves of a Fig Tree grew in the Garden of Eden.There is a biblical quote "each man is under his own vine and fig tree" 
It is one of the few  sacred trees of Islamic history.  There is a versus in Holy Quran named as "The Fig" or At-Tin'. It is said that Buddha mediated under a Fig tree  for  few months .The fig tree was sacred in ancient Greece  too as it was a symbol of fertility .
Figs trees are easier to grow than most other plants . They are able to tolerate the summer heat better. Figs are deciduous . They need warm summers for the fruits to ripe.
The Fig tree  is not particular regarding soil, however it is more productive on rich  deep soil.
Figs do better where they will receive full sun and at least eight hours a day. The chill hour requirements are few. Fig trees have a cold hardiness temperature of ten to twenty degrees Fahrenheit.
Plant care

     It needs to be watered deeply in spring and in summer every 7 to 14 days. Do not let soil dry out when tree is young. It can produce two fruit crops in Phoenix
   Shown here are Black mission and Kadota figs trees and are planted less than two years ago (2008). They had good fruit production in 2009.This year they are loaded with fruits.
Medicinal uses
      Fig fruits are use to fight bronchitis in folk medicine .Fig is said to be particularly soothing to the mucous membranes of the respiratory passage, relieving the discomforts of colds, coughs and sore throat.
      It is an effective laxative.
     Leaves and stem contain milk which can be use to treat the wart and  to sooth the hemorrhoids in folk medicine.