Seedless Flame
Grapes vines are easy to grow in the lower desert. They do best with a fair amount of direct sun and regular watering. Grapes vine are deciduous plants and tolerate the Phoenix winter well. Grapes grow on a wide variety of soil types. An important soil factor for these vines is drainage.

The photo shown is two year old Seedless Flame, planted in 2008. It is loaded with fruits . It is planted on the south side of the house.

Plant care
No special care is needed. Grape vine can take the hot sun very well.

The Grape vines are drought tolerant. In order to produce good fruit crop, it need to be watered regularly in the summer months.
As with all my fruits trees, I irrigate them 7 to 14 days during the growing season and every 4 to 6 weeks during the winter months.

We have 3 to 5 inch thick layer of partially compost mulch around the tree. As it is vigorous growing plant, it needs regular fertilizer during the summer months.