Jamun is a very , large evergreen beautiful tree from Indian subcontinent. Its scientific name  is Eugenia jambolana or Syzygium cumini.  Commenly used names are java plum, black plum, jambul and Indian blackberry
 It tolerates hot summer very well  but needs protection from the frost especially when the plants are young.
In subtropical area trees can be  50 to 100  ft tall
      Jamun has  white flowers  in branched clusters at stem tips and have sweet fragrant.The berries are purplish-black and oval in shape. They are sweet and a little tart

       In the picture on left side is a Jamun tree propagated from the cutting and was planted about 1 ½ years ago .It is a very fast growing tree and is about 6 feet tall now. It is planted in full sun.
Plant  care
         It does not need especial care .Protection is needed from winter frost when trees are young.A 55 gallon plastic  barrel filled with water is placed close to the tree .Water heat up from direct sun during the day time and store heat.It radiate heat at night time when temperature drops.I find this method very helpful in preventing frost damage.
       As with all my fruits trees I irrigate them 7-14 days during growing season.During winter every 4-6 week .
We have 3-5 inch thick layer partially compost mulch around the tree drip line .
      Usually  it takes 4-8 years to have fruits from seedling.

Medicinal Uses
 Jamun fruits are rich in potassium,,zinc ,iron and calcium.
 Jamun seeds and bark have beneficial effect in controlling blood sugar in people who have diabetes.