Chinese Jujube

Chinese Jujube tolerates desert condition well .It gives fruits even in poor soil. Cold or summer heat have little effect on it .TheJujubes are elegant plants. They are nearly 20" tall and 12' wide. The zigzag pattern of the branch growth is unusual and looks bizarre in the winter on leafless branches.The bigeners can handle it easily .

Lang Jujube
 The size of Lang Jujube is 1 1/2 inches .Fruits are sweet and crunchy and taste like apple .When dried it resimbles date .( That is why it is known as Chinese date too.) The Lang Jujube tree is rather small in size and is more of an upright grower . Jujube trees are self-fertile (although they have greater yield with another variety nearby). Fruit ripes in September.

Li Jujube Tree.
 The fruits of Li Jujube is also 1 1/2 inches long.It gives fruits in late September. Politicization from the Lang is required. Do better if there are two variety for cross pollination.

Plant care
No especial care is needed.Jujube tree  can take our hot sun very well.
Plant is drought tolerant.To get good  crop it need  watering regularly in summer months.As with all my fruits trees I irrigate them 7-14 days during growing season.During winter every 4-6 week.
We have 3-5 inch thick layer partially compost mulch around the tree drip line .It need regular fertilizer during summer months.
Shown here is Li and Lang jujube Trees. Planted less than 2 years ago . Have hundred of fruits last year.