Jungle Jalebi

 Sweet Tamarind, Manila Tamarind, Huamuchil
Pithecellobium guatemalensis, Pithecellobium dulce
  The junle jalebi has several names ie,SIweet Tamarind,Manila Tamarind and Huamuchill. In Madras it is known as Madras Thorn eventhough it is not a native of Madras .The name Manila Tamarind is also misleading because it is niether related to tamarind nor it is a native of.

The tree is medium size  with a slow rounded growt h and  can survive in  hostile climate condition. Trimming increases the occurrence of thorns. Trees will survive brief frosts as well as temperatures well above 100F.

The seedpods contain a sweet pulp that can be eaten raw or prepared as a beverage.
Photo on right is a Jungle Jalebi tree planted this year(2010) in full sun.