Lycee is the China's best gift to subtropical regions .
    The Lychee plant grows well under variety of soil conditions, but a deep loam fertile soil is preferable.The limiting factors appears to be frost in winter and dry heat in summer.
    Lychee plant have long juvenile phase and very sensitive to hot dry air especially when plants are young. If you want to grow lychee plants in phoenix ,you need to protect your young plants from hot  sun during summer months.
    Lychee has better tolerance for cold . It can tolerate few degrees of frost for few hours
 The lychee plant shown here are  Sweat Heart and Brewester.
Sweet Heart
  It was planted about 1 ½ years ago.  The growth was very slow during first year but is much better when established . r .This year have good flush of growth and leaves have minimal salt burn.
 Now  it is flowering  hoping to have few fruits this year.
It is very sensitive to salt burn. Deep water and  chemicalfree  fertilizer for first few years will reduce the danger .

 Brewster lychee
 Originated in China. It is one of the popular lynches variety here in US
 Sweetheart is the second largest of the lychee fruits. The tree is a slow compact grower, but it is not a commercial variety
Plant care
 It is a difficult plant to grow in our weather therefore it is  unsuitable for beginners. Afternoon shade in summer is necessay till  the plant is established.
Very sensitive to salt .Avoid chemical fertilizer when plants are young.
Water deeply and regularly.
Use plenty of mulch around the tree.
Provide frost protection in winter for young plants.