Mango trees have been cultivated and grafted for hundredS OF YEARS They are considered to be the apples of tropics.
Mango trees are cold sensitive and need protection ,especially when the plants are young .Mango tolerate arid climate better than other tropical plants .Young plants need protection from afternoon sun in hottest months. Mango trees are evergreens.

Hundreds of varieties are available Chose grafted varieties with early production.Manila is a common type of mango tree which are sold in many nurseries.Also use as rootstock for grafted mango.
Plant Care

Water deeply and slowly every week .If soil get dry between irrigation, water more frequently in hottest months of the year

Do not fertilize with chemical fertilizer when the plants are young f.Use organic mulch
The mango tree shown in photograph is planted less than 2 years ago .This is a variety named Tommy Atkins. have many small fruits this year.It is about 8 feet tall
I also have two other varieties of mangoes , Ice cream and Alfonso . Ice cream plant is about 3 fit tall and have one fruit last year .