Oriental Persimmon
Persimmon tree is regarded as tree of God and is a favorite fruit of Japan.As famous Japanese poet expressed in his poem
"Write me down
As one who loved poetry,
 And persimmons"
                       -   Shiki

Oriental Persimmon is a beautiful ornamental tree. There are only few trees whitch are as attractive in the fall as oriental persimmons because it is loaded with fruits without leaves. . It is hardhy, attractive tree, and practically pest free. It has fall harvest ie, mid October through November.
Oriental persimmons can be divided into two classes astringent and non-astringent.

Fuyu fruit is large, round, flattened. It has reddish orange skin. It is non-astringent ,needs 200 chill hours and self fruitful. Afternoon shade can help in establishing young tree.
 Photo shdwn  below is  a Persimmon tree ,planted 2 years ago (2008) on the south side of the house with afternoon shade .It has not fruited yet, but it looks healthy and strong.

Plant Care
Persimmon grows and fruits in lower desert with proper care but it does better in mild climate.Tolerate our winter very well.
Heat protection
Persimmon grows better in places with relatively mild summer.Should be planted where it get filtered sun or shade in afternoon.Branches leaves ,and fruits exposed to the sun becomes much more hot than the atmosphere.Heat is generally more harmful when accompanied by low humidity and strong wind.The condition lead to very rapid transpiration and desiccate the twigs and leaves..

As with all my fruits trees I irrigate them 7-14 days during growing season and every 4-6 weeks during the winter.

We have 3-5 inch thick layer of partially compost mulch around the tree drip line .
Medicine Uses
 Medicinal Properties Persimmon has high content of potassium and other trace elements.Persimmon have twice as much antioxidant and dietary fiber as apple.Persimmon helps in decreasing the  heart and cancer risk. In traditional Medicine it some time use to  relieve hiccups.