The season of planting is a large factor in successful establishment of the fruit tree.The best time to plant fruit tree is spring and fall.Bare root trees should be planted in winter
Choose the part of your landscape which have the warmest climate in winter months with some frost protection for subtropical Plants.It can be on southern side of the house near a brick wall or other structures such as patio Avoid low area as cold air is heavy and linger in low spots The actual planting of the trees in your landscape is an operation of great importance especially for subtropical plants.Well grown trees of the best kinds ,properly planted on the soil that has wisely chosen and thoroughly prepared form the foundation of flourishing garden

For temperate fruit trees choose the coldest spots in your backyard
Best time for planting potted fruit tree is spring and fall
If you are planning to plant the trees in summer ,protect the young tree from direct sun until the plant is established
Most Subtropical plants need frost protection in winter