The pomegranate fruit is also known by the name Granada or the Chinese apple. This fruit is native from Iran to Himalayas in northern India. Pomegranates are exotic fruits that grow on a small tree or shrub and are 15 to 20 ft tall. It has shiny foliage and a long flowering season. (Punica granatum L.) The tree is very long lived.

The pomegranate tree is easier to grow in Phoenix. It is drought tolerant, deciduous and tolerate summer heat well and produce fruits with little care. The trees are self-fruitful and very productive. Pomegranates prefer a semi-arid mild-temperate to subtropical climate and are naturally adapted to regions with cool winters and hot summers .They produce best in a hot sunny location and only require 150-200 chill hours. The soil can vary, but it must be well-drained. The pomegranate trees will grow well in alkaline soils.

Angel Red Pomegranate
 The Angel Red Pomegranate is a new variety with some unique qualities that make it one of the best pomegranate in the world. It has soft seeds that can be chewed and eaten .

Wonderful Pomegranate
Originated in Florida. . Plant is vigorous and productive. Leading commercial variety is found in California.
This extra large pomegranate is the most famous of all. The Wonderful has blushed red skin with juicy rich red flesh. The sharp-tart exquisite flavor is highly prized all over the world . The tree grows to 18 feet tall and the Wonderful fruits ripen in September.
The pomegranate tree shown above are Angel and wonderful and planted 2 years ago in full sun,have many fruits this year.

Plant care
No special care is needed. Pomegranate plants can take the hot Phoenix sun very well. In addition, it tolerates frost very well in Phoenix

Plant is drought tolerant. In order to get good fruit crop, it requires to be watered regularly in the summer months. As with all the fruits trees, I irrigate them 7-14 days during growing season and every 4 to 6 weeks during the winter.

We have 3 to 5 inch thick layer of partially compost mulch around the tree drip line. Because it is vigorous growing bush/tree, it needs regular fertilizer during the summer months.