Sapodillas are not strictly tropical.A mature treeabove can withstand temperatures of 26° to 28° F for several hours. Young trees are more delicate and can be killed by 30° F. The Sapodilla seems equally at home in humid and relatively dry environment.

 The above  photograph is of a  grafted chico (Tikal) tree.It is obtained from a mail order nursery from Florida. It was planted about 2 years ago in August 2008. It started fruiting last year.  It is a  slow growing plant.    I provide frost protection to this tree in winter during the months of December and  January.  In summer I have 50% shade of cloth. I started with about 18” plant which is now 3-4 ft tall and have good branches. It is planted on the south side of my  house.


It is important to provide protection in winter and afternoon shade in summer especially when the plants are young. It was planted close to other tropical plants. My goal is to have sun protection for few years until it gets shade from other trees.

It has a thick layer of compost mulch. I water deeply every week from spring to fall. During the hottest days of summer, I water more frequently. In winter it is irrigated every 2-3 weeks.