Star Fruit

Carambola var Kari           The Star fruit plant was originated from  Philpine .It has  Red and white flowers which appear on bare branches or at leaf bases. Fruit has a thin, waxy, green-yellow, yellow or orange skin.It is grreen and tastes saor but when  ripe it turns yellow or orrange . 

in the Photograph a star fruit tree is shown which  was planted less than 2 years ago. Had couple of fruits last year. The tree is more stronger this year and have many flowers.
Need protection from frost in winter and afternoon sun in hottest months of the summer .It grows all year from spring to fall.

Plant care
Star fruit can grow and fruit in lower desert  if proper care and protection is provided .
I provide frost protection in winter.It is planted on the south side of the house and is  protected from hot sun with 50% shade cloth duringthe summer months. Water is given deeply and regularly and plenty of mulch is spreaded around the tree.Use of chemical fertilizer for the first few years will definetly be harmful.
Medicinal uses
In India star fruit is use for treatment of hemorrhoids,fever ,diarrhea and eye afflictions.