Temperate Fruits and Nuts

Temperate fruits are largely made up of deciduous fruit trees. When selecting temperate fruit trees it's important to consider their pollination and chill hour requirements

Fruits that are adapted to climates from 25 to 45 latitudes (middle latitude) are known as temperate fruits. Temperate fruits require some cold periods  for their dormancy , and they have various degrees of winter hardiness.

Most of the  temperate tree fruits are members of the rose family (Rosaceae). These include the pome and stone fruits. Pome fruits (apple, pear and quince ) The stone fruits are members of the genus Prunus (almond, apricot, cherry, peach, nectarine , and plum) contain a stony pit (hence the name "stone fruits"),

Fruit like peach, apricot , plum are not difficult to grow in phoenix .With proper care you can enjoy fresh tree ripe fruits

When choosing the variety it is important to choose low chill and early ripe fruit tree .

We get about 350 chill hours in Maricopa county. Chill hours are number of hours of temperature below 45 F in winter months